Walking For Life

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I should not have to convince you that walking is good medicine for maintaining good health and improving longevity. Your doctor can observe how you walk, the speed of movement, the way you move, and determine your overall health.

Dementia is a major concern for African Americans past the age of fifty. It is well documented that dementia is increasing in this group. Major contributors to dementia are uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, and a sedentary lifestyle. A random observation is all of these conditions are highly prevalent among African Americans. Walking plays an integral role in decreasing these occurrences.

Remember, 10,000 steps per day is required if you are serious about getting the benefits of walking. You will discover it is not an easy task to walk that many steps daily. A Fitbit or another product, to measure your daily steps, is worthwhile.

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Thaddeus J. Bell, MD
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Thaddeus J. Bell, MD


I am Dr. Thaddeus John Bell, closing the gap in health disparities for African Americans and the underserved.

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