Young African Americans Pay Attention!

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I was recently informed of the passing away of a young fraternity brother from Colorectal Cancer. I don’t know details but I am saddened because most of the time these deaths can be prevented yet it is consistent with what medical research is telling about the state of Colorectal Cancer of young people in the African-American Community.

It is heartbreaking because we still don’t completely understand why young African-Americans don’t pay attention to their health. This is not the venue to have this discussion because it is complex but we do have some insight as to why.

At our next fraternity council meeting, at the health initiative section I will address these issues and the current guidelines regarding Colorectal Cancer.

My heartfelt condolences to my brothers family as well to the fraternity brothers of his chapter and of our great fraternity.

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Thaddeus J. Bell, MD
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Thaddeus J. Bell, MD


I am Dr. Thaddeus John Bell, closing the gap in health disparities for African Americans and the underserved.

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