Hepatitis C – Baby Boomers, Get Checked

by Sexual Health

Hepatitis C – Baby Boomers, Get Checked

by | Sexual Health

Baby boomers have been encouraged, during the past several months, to get screened for hepatitis C. What is interesting and not clear to me is the reason this age group of people has not been targeted. It is also unusual that not one of my patients has requested a hepatitis C screening test. This suggests that they are unaware of the risk of developing a liver infection or the recommendation from CDC. It is probably a combination of the two factors.

The most important information that one should know is how hepatitis C virus was contracted. Baby boomers were young people during the sixties and seventies. During these decades, IV drug use and abuse was common, tattooing, acupuncture, and piercing were unsafe, and possibly, having sex with an infected person could transmit the virus. Blood transfusions were also a source for exposure.
Usually, hepatitis C has no symptoms although the virus can be present in the body. It is deadly but can be treated. Talk to your physician about hepatitis C screening.

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