Stress Is Deadly

by Care, For Men, For Women

The medical literature has documented a plethora of information regarding deadly stress affecting our bodies. 

Many of my patients are telling me about the perils of stress and how it affects their health with headaches, diarrhea, and fatigue.  Stress affects diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

The effect it has on one’s blood pressure is often noted.  Cancer can be affected by stressful situations. 

It is well documented that the stress of not being able to pay your bills, known as financial toxicity, can wreak havoc on your health.

It is acceptable to see your physician for stress, a symptom often not appreciated by African Americans.


Your opinion matters.


Thaddeus J. Bell, MD
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Thaddeus J. Bell, MD


I am Dr. Thaddeus John Bell, closing the gap in health disparities for African Americans and the underserved.

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