Health Concerns of Millennials

by Care

I was in the barbershop recently and there was a discussion about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare to which it is referred by some people. I am a believer in Obamacare despite the legitimate criticisms that have been voiced against the plan. The reasons the plan has not worked, as thought by some, are very complicated and beyond the scope of this message.

My thoughts, however, are Obamacare has many great points and should be overhauled, not repealed. Medicare did not work perfectly at its inception. Obamacare has many great advantages that address numerous health issues for all people who deserve affordable health care. The program will work better for all millennials and the underserved with major changes in the plan.

I explained to some of my young, African American brothers that they should not put their heads in the sand regarding potential health issues because catastrophic health issues are one of the most common causes of bankruptcy in this group.

Your parents can provide some insight regarding the health issues you are likely to encounter as you age. This is the reason it is very important to know your family history.

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