Under the umbrella of disrupting health disparities, Living Well With Dr. Bell (LWWDB) will provide a platform for educating and informing the 50+ and their families about health disparities and other related topics.
LWWDB will take place the first Friday of every month via Facebook Live, 12:00 noon – 12:30 – think of it as your live Lunch & Learn. You can join Facebook Live via AARPSC or Closing The Gap In Healthcare.


To educate and inform the 50+ and their families on health disparities and related issues.


To expand the awareness of health disparities and engage partners in solution-based actions.

Got to Get My First Social Security Check

One of the benefits of practicing medicine, in the African American community, is hearing many funny stories that affect patients who provide...

History of Love, Grace, and Redemption

The Tuskegee experiments have largely gone unappreciated regarding their effect on the African American community, almost 40 years later.

In 1977, President Bill Clinton invited the eight survivors to the White House to formally apologize for one of the “most macabre clinical trials in American history.”

During this ceremony, Herman Shaw, one of the study participants, made these comments, “The wounds that were inflicted upon us cannot be undone. I’m saddened today to think of those who did not survive and whose families will forever live with the knowledge that their death and suffering was preventable. In order for America – black, red, white together – trusting each other, caring for each other and never allowing the kind of tragedy which has happened to us in the Tuskegee study to ever happen again.”

It is a part of our DNA to show, love, redemption, and forgiveness.

Hypertension 2018

Hypertension continues to be the primary health condition commonly seen by most primary physicians.  It is estimated that more than 40 million people...

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To decrease health disparities and increase the health literacy of African Americans and all underserved communities.

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Some People Are Just Ridiculous

Some People Are Just Ridiculous

  You would not believe the issues that I experience with patients. One was being treated for hypertension and became quite upset, at the follow up visit to assess blood pressure control, because he needed an additional prescription. His position was he should...

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Physicians Need to be Appreciated

Physicians Need to be Appreciated

  I often wonder why people do not show appreciation for their physician as they do for their pastor.  Our work is similar when you think about it.  A physician who goes beyond what he or she is taught in medical school is difficult to find nowadays.  I recently...

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The Trump Syndrome

The Trump Syndrome

  Do you remember when Trump declared that he knew more about war than known by the military generals collectively? Believe it or not, there are some patients with this mindset and I refer to it as the Trump Syndrome.  It does not occur frequently, but they will...

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Strokes in Black Men

Strokes in Black Men

  It was recently reported that Oscar nominated, director John Singleton, experienced a stroke that resulted in hospitalization.  The CDC reports that strokes occur two times more frequently in African American men than in Caucasian men.  My experiences with...

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Myths Can Have a Happy Ending

Myths Can Have a Happy Ending

  One of the main reasons I have continued Closing the Gap in Health Care is to decrease the myths and untruths in the African American and underserved communities.  One myth that I do not often hear is placing moss in your shoes to control hypertension.  The...

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Closing the gap in health care works when more physicians join us in showing they understand and care about African American patients and underserved communities anywhere in the world.

If you are a doctor that cares about his patients, please let us know.


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