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Let’s Get Serious About Obesity, Part 4

  Obesity is a major foe of the heart.  It is apt to occur early among African American women and the medical community is seeing heart disease earlier...

Let’s Get Serious About Obesity, Part 3

  Recently, I saw a good friend who had lost a significant amount of weight at the urging of her personal physician.  She was amazed that many of her...

Let’s Get Serious About Obesity, Part 2

  I hope you heard the health tip that addressed obesity as a major health issue among African American women.  Obesity is not associated with our...

Let’s Get Serious About Obesity, Part 1

  I realize that I am taking a serious risk by addressing a subject that African American women do not want to hear.  It’s okay, because I have been...

Prostate Cancer Can Take a Toll on a Relationship

  Prostate cancer is the second, most common cancer that African American men can experience in their lifetime.  The exact cause is not known, but risk...


Testicular Cancer

  Men do not often discuss this type of cancer which commonly occurs between the ages of 15 and 45.  It usually appears in the testicles as a painless lump or mass and requires immediate medical attention and evaluation.  Please do not wait until the mass becomes...

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The Prognosis of Cancer Is Not the Same for Everyone

  Most people immediately assume the worse and can become discouraged before receiving all the facts when diagnosed with cancer.  Family members often do not provide encouragement to those members who have been given a diagnosis.  I have been told by my patients this...

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Too Many Medications

The manner in which medicine is practiced today can result in a patient taking too many medications.  This problem is often seen in patients who are sixty years or older, have chronic medical conditions, and have been seen by multiple physicians in the past.  Patients...

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Warning Signs African American Women Should Not Ignore

  Recently, a friend revealed that his wife experienced an acute, onset of symptoms which neither of them recognized as serious. They thought she should stay home to see if the symptoms would cease and she almost died from taking this approach. These are some symptoms...

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Hypertension 2018

Hypertension continues to be the primary health condition commonly seen by most primary physicians.  It is estimated that more than 40 million people have hypertension and a significant percentage of them are unaware of the condition.  Recently, the guidelines for...

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The Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) Patient

  There are reports that patients with sickle cell anemia who complain about intense body pain from a sickle cell crisis are treated very inhumanely by some physicians when seen in the ER.  These African American patients are often confused with drug seekers, but they...

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Closing the gap in health care works when more physicians join us in showing they understand and care about African American patients and underserved communities anywhere in the world.

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