Did You Know?

Discover crucial facts about health disparities and the efforts to close the gap in healthcare in South Carolina. Learn how Dr. Thaddeus John Bell and his organization are making a difference.

Prostate Cancer in African American Men

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in African American men in South Carolina.



Founding of Closing the Gap in Healthcare

Closing the Gap in Healthcare was founded by Thaddeus John Bell, MD, a family physician in Charleston, South Carolina, to help decrease health disparities in South Carolina by improving the health literacy of African Americans and the underserved. South Carolina is one of the leading states in the country in terms of health disparities. Lack of health literacy has been designated as a significant contributor to these disparities.

Community Impact Study

The Medical University of South Carolina conducted a study on the effectiveness of Closing the Gap in Healthcare. The study found that the community felt our organization was very effective in educating the tri-county area.

We Address Major Health Disparities

The leading health disparities include an increased burden of disease in heart disease, cancer, COVID-19, and mental health illnesses. Closing the Gap in Healthcare addresses these issues in a culturally sensitive, easy-to-understand, sometimes humorous, and always accurate manner that people can appreciate. Dr. Bell has been the voice and face of this initiative for over 25 years.

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