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By Dr. Thaddeus John Bell
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Family Medical History Has New Meaning

  Several days ago, one of my loyal patients requested to be seen, urgently, because she was upset that family members would not reveal the cause of death of a middle age family member.  A lifelong friend who is battling four different types of cancer told me...

Stress Is Deadly

  The medical literature has documented a plethora of information regarding deadly stress affecting our bodies.  Many of my patients are telling me about the perils of stress and how it affects their health with headaches, diarrhea, and fatigue.  Stress...

The Face of Heart Disease is Changing

  Perhaps, you have noticed that millennials are getting as sick as those in the baby boomer population. Not every millennial can say they do not know of someone in their age group who has experienced a heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Frankly, this...

Survival in the Rural Community

  South Carolina is a rural state and many of the residents live in rural communities. It is well documented that they have health disparities that surpass those who live in the city. Lack of access to care and preventative health care services are also...
A Funeral Reflection

A Funeral Reflection

  Several weeks ago, I attended the home going service for an older friend.  During a light hearted moment of the eulogy, the pastor stated “when you get to heaven, you will need a Dr. Thaddeus John Bell closing the Gap in health disparities for African Americans...

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